Day of Coordinator Responsibilities (a look into what it really means)

Your Day of Coordinator is considered the team leader of your contracted wedding team. He or he is solely responsible for ensuring that everything is completed according to you/your partners decision and the developed timeline. This is accomplished by constant communication between the DOC (Day of Coordinator) and all contracted vendors.

Your day of coordinator is responsible for the following:

  1. Being fully knowledgeable of the timeline. He/she must have a copy with them to follow the day of the event. They are also responsible for ensuring each contracted vendor receives a copy prior to the event.

  2. Must be fully knowledgeable on the configuration of ALL furniture and decor of the event (what goes where).

  3. Being fully knowledgeable on which vendors have been contracted by the couple. They must also have the contact information for each vendor. (Name of the company, contact person and phone number). They must have a copy of this with them the day of the event.

  4. Must be aware of what items have been purchased/rented, where they are coming from (vendor or friend/family member) and where/with who those items need to go at the end of the event (during clean up)

  5. Must arrive to the venue before any other vendor to ensure that everything is arriving on time and to have enough time for set up.

  6. Set up of all lounge furniture, tables and chairs for both ceremony and reception. This includes arranging the tables and chairs so that they are ready for the event. It IS NOT the responsibility of the rental companies, caterer or venue (unless the venue is a banquet hall) to do this. This CANNOT BE DONE BY ONE PERSON. There needs to be a team to complete this in a timely manner.

  7. Set up of all decorations that were agreed upon by the couple. This includes all tablecloths, signs, centerpieces, floral arrangements (whether made by a florist or a friend), wedding arch, hanging decor, guest book stations, etc. It IS NOT the responsibility of the rental companies, caterer or venue (unless the venue is a banquet hall) to do this. This CANNOT BE COMPLETED BY ONE PERSON. There needs to be a team to complete this in a timely manner.

  8. Must know the amount of items (ie. how many dinner plates, glasses, etc) and type (ie chiavari chairs, resin chairs, farm tables, etc) and perform a count at arrival with the vendors delivery team, still present, to ensure that nothing is missed. If something is missed, or the wrong item is received, it is the responsibility of the DOC to address this by contacting the vendor to set up emergent delivery of missing/correct items. They must also continue to follow up with the vendor for arrival time of items and be available until they arrive at the venue.

  9. Coordination of the vendors the day of. This means that (to ensure the timeline is followed and that all contracted vendors are completing their duties) constant communication with all vendors is mandatory before, during and after event. Any moment that things are running behind schedule it is the responsibility of the DOC to get things back on track.

  10. Must ensure that the contracted vendors working during the event have everything they need to complete their duties. (ie that there is an electrical socket for the DJ to plug into in the area designated for them)

  11. Problem solving before and during the event. The DOC SHOULD NOT ask the couple questions that can be solved by making executive decisions when issues arise. It is the DOC’s duty to develop back up plans or come up with reasonable solutions so that problems are not noticed by any guests or couple (when possible).

  12. Must ensure that the couple is being taken care of. This means making sure the couple stays hydrated, that they have eaten something during their pictures and that they have been served dinner/dessert (if it is buffet style).

  13. Must ensure that the guest have what is needed for the exit. (ie confetti, sparklers etc)

*Note if using sparklers DOC must ensure that there are enough lighters and must coordinate the lighting of them.

  1. Must ensure that transportation for the couple has arrived for their exit. If they have not arrived at the set time the DOC must contact the vendor and get an estimated arrival time. If, by chance, they do not show up and are not going to, the DOC must arrange transportation for the couple with their approval and payment, if needed.

  2. Must ensure that the couple have all personal items in their mode of transportation (ie marriage certificate,purse, wallet, luggage etc) upon exit.

  3. The DOC is responsible for ensuring the venue is cleaned up at the end of the event, that all rentals have been picked up or scheduled for pick up and that purchased items leave with a designated person.

In summary, the Day of Coordinator is the most important person who is working your wedding. It is NOT RECOMMENDED that you appoint this duty onto a friend or family member, especially if they are to be a guest at your wedding.

With all the responsibility that is involved with Day of Coordination it is impossible for a friend or family member to be appointed to this task and also enjoy or take part in your wedding celebration.

In most cases, when a friend or family member takes on this role, they do not realize all the stress and detailed work involved, which ends up causing major issues the day of the wedding. This is a time for you and your partner to celebrate your love and not work or feel stressed. To avoid issues HIRE A PROFESSIONAL DAY OF COORDINATOR.

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