Things to Remember When Planning Outdoor Weddings

We all love outdoor weddings, especially last years with Pantones pick for color of the year GREEN still very present in trends this year! Let’s face it the mix of fresh air and natures breath-taking beauty can be one of the best backdrops for your special day. Most people also feel that having an outdoor wedding is not only beautiful but a less expensive and hassle free option. The thing is, most times, there are many things that are overlooked when planning a wedding in an outdoor venue, so we are here to help you keep these key things in mind.

When you envision your wedding day it is utter perfection, not a flaw in the day. Unfortunately the weather isn't always predictable. Tent rental is a must for an outdoor wedding, even if it's just on standby. Whether for just ceremony, just reception or both the last thing you want is for a shower disrupting your event. When thinking of ceremony, due to the fact that it normally takes from 30 min to about an hour to complete, you can probably get away with not using a tent if there is a plan B with an area that is roofed. Reception is totally different. You want enjoy your meal, dance and have a few drinks without having to run for cover. If you feel that a giant white tent might take away from your vision don’t fret, clear tents to the rescue! They still provide the coverage you need without taking away the landscape. When choosing a tent ensure that you account for the number of guests you have attending, tables and specific areas (like a dance floor and the cake table) this way you have the correct size so that everything fits under the roof. Draping from the ceiling l can create a more elegant feel or you can go more modern and have hanging geometric shapes floral arrangements in them. Ceiling decor and floral arrangements are all the rage, but we will leave that for another day.


During the day there will be no issues for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception but as soon as the sun goes down so does the light. Most outdoor venues have some lighting but you want to make sure that the lighting you choose matches your vision.There are so many lights to choose from, bistro lighting, up-lighting, candles, etc. If, when you picture your wedding, you see beautiful soft lighting in a garden with a rustic theme then you may want to get bistro lights and have some natural candle light but if you want colored light glowing throughout your reception then you want PAR light up-lighting to provide that look.

Air Conditioning or Fans

Depending on where you live and what time of year your wedding will be taking place you may need to consider the need for air conditioning or fans. If you have a tent and want AC you would have to make sure your tent has all four walls so that it works properly. If soft chiffon draping is more the look you are going for then fans are the way to go. Many rental companies carry both stand alone fans and fans that attach to the top bars of the tent. I recommend these because they work as well as the stand alone but will not be an eyesore distracting from your beautiful décor. Either way ac and fans are something that should be considered so that you, your partner and all of your guests are comfortable.

Electricity access

One of the major things that is overlooked when planning your outdoor wedding is the ability for all the vendors to plug into the electrical outlets. Your DJ and any lighting you have rented (except for candles) will need to have electricity to function. If your caterer is cooking on site they may also require electrical access. You (or your planner, if you have one) will need to know where the plugs are and how many are available. The last thing you want is for your DJ to not be able to play your music because your lighting has taken over all the outlets.

Bathroom access

Most venues do not have an issue with their restrooms but when you are considering having an outdoor wedding there is a possibility that the venue of your wedding dreams does not have access to one. If this is the case there is no need to worry. I know that the first picture that comes to mind when talking about portable bathrooms is the big blue box like porta potties. That is not always the case. There are companies that rent portable bathrooms that are and luxurious (marble floors, ac and some even have music!). During the reservation process you can also inquire about having a bathroom attendant to ensure that your guest have everything that they need without having to worry about whether or not there is enough tp.

Once you have looked at all of these aspects you should feel comfortable that you have the bases covered. Now go ahead and enjoy the decor process, get creative with your venues natural beauty and celebrate! Hope this helps, until next time.

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