Full Wedding Planning or Day of Coordination, that is the question...

There is so much information to go over once that ring hits your finger and the wedding planning begins. You read every article, listen to people who have gone through it before, watch every wedding show and somewhere in between you have your ideas. There is no question that you need help to keep everything in line, making sure every t is crossed and i dotted. Your bridal party is a huge help but you are going to want to hire a pro to help make the planning and set up to take the pressure off of you, your SO, family and friends. These are moments you are going to remember for a lifetime and you don’t want to be flustered while making decisions and executing them. There are two types of services that will assist you in making your wedding dreams come true, it all depends on what type of bride or groom you are.

    Full wedding planning is what everyone always thinks of when hiring someone to help out with the craziness that comes with wedding planning. The first image that comes to mind is J.Lo in The Wedding Planner, lol. Some people think that planners don’t do much until they are having to send out hundreds of emails with inquiries on services and setting up meetings to try and find the perfect vendors to match their wedding style while trying to maintain a calm and collected mindset. Trust me, it can be very overwhelming. With this type of service the planner is with you from inception to completion, taking care of every detail, question and concern. Full wedding planning services usually entails the following:

- Consultation

- Development of wedding design - Searching for vendors (DJ, Caterer, Photographer, etc) that meet your needs; setting up meetings with them and you for further discussion; management of contracts - Responsible for keeping you informed of any changes or issues with vendors

- Budget management - RSVP management - Being the point of contact for any questions or concerns between vendors and couple - Development of the timeline for the wedding; distribution of timeline to all vendors - Assistance with management of bridal party (if requested) - Providing photographer with list of must have photos - Running of ceremony rehearsal - Day of Coordination services

- Set up and clean up

    If you are the type of bride or groom that has a busy schedule or a lot of responsibilities this is probably the best option for you. This way you have your dream wedding being planned while taking little time away from your daily life thus giving you and your partner time to enjoy the process.

    Day of Coordination is the second option you may choose for your wedding day needs. Unlike the Full Wedding Planning the Day of Coordinator is with you the day of the wedding. But don’t be fooled, Day of Coordinators handle a lot with ease. They are in charge of making sure that your special day goes off without a hitch, and if there is one or two (because, let’s face it, it does happen) that person is in charge of making sure it’s solved with little to no one noticing. Day of Coordinators usually perform the following tasks:

- Development of a timeline for vendor set up and ensuring the timeline is followed - Directing of vendors to provide the look you have in mind for your day (this include discussing in depth about how you want your decor to look) - Being the point of contact for the vendors and venue before and during your event for questions regarding set up and performance. - Solving any issues that may arise during the event. - Ushering in your guests the day off -Guiding your rehearsal for your bridal party to be aware of your ceremony entrance and exit; also reception entrance - Guiding your wedding party during ceremony entrance, exit and reception entrance. - Being the point of contact for your guests for any questions or concerns. - Set up of ceremony items such as programs and unity candles - Set up of reception items such as menus and favors. - Making sure that your exit goes as planned.

    This is the perfect choice if you are a DIY bride or groom. Think about it, you don’t want your family and friends rushing through the set up of your wedding after all the hours of hard work you have put in. This is your day! If you hire a Day of Coordinator your family and friends can enjoy this special time with you.

    Whichever type of assistance you choose to hire for your wedding it is important to feel comfortable and at ease. The ultimate goal is for you and your partner to enjoy and soak in every moment because this is the ultimate celebration of your love.

    I hope this helps you be feel confident in what service is the best for you.

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